Silicone Polisher for Acrylic
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Exa Technique 
3 - step polishing system suitable for denture
and orthodontic acrylics.
Pretrimming, for rapid material reduction.
Step 1 = Green: Coarse grit
Silicone polisher suitable for finishing and contouring.
Removes scratches and smoothes the
material surface.
Also suitable for adjustment of permanently
soft acrylics.

Polishing, for smoothing surfaces.
Step 2 = Grey: Medium grit
Silicone polisher for smoothing and
condensing material surfaces. Produces a
slight lustre.
Suitable for preparing for high-lustre polishing.
High-lustre polishing.
Step 3 = Yellow: Fine grit
Silicone polisher for optimally smoothing and
condensing material surfaces.
Produces a high-lustre polish without
polishing paste.

Acrylic Polisher
Adjustments to the palatal and lingual aspects
of the denture are completed quickly without
using tungsten carbide cutters. Polishers with
maximum service life.
Step 1 = Dark blue: Course grit for
Step 2 = Light blue: Medium grit for
High-lustre polishing is completed by using
yellow Exa Technique polishers.

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